3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Provider

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Many homes today rely on propane to heat their home and run their appliances. For some, it is the only choice. When you live in the country, you often aren't able to get natural gas lines ran to your property. However, they might not be sure how to choose a provider. With so many different options on the market, it can be confusing. To help you make an informed decision and choose a good propane provider, here are three questions you might want to ask.

Do you offer a warranty on your tanks?

If you are looking to purchase a tank, you want to make sure you are going to get some type of warranty on it. Make sure to find out the specifics of the warranty such as what all it covers and how long it lasts. You also want to find out if it covers labor costs or simply the part needed to correct the problem. You don't want to end up having to repair and replace any defects on your own right off the bat. You should get some type of warranty, even if it is only for a year or so.

Do you require a full fill or is a partial fill acceptable?

Another thing to ask is how much they require when it comes time to order propane. Many companies will let you do a partial order of maybe 250 gallons or something. However, there are companies that only come out and do a full fill for customers. This is something you want to know beforehand because it will make a big difference in your budget when planning for your propane orders.

Do you offer charge accounts for customers?

Depending on the provider, you might be able to get a charge account set up. This is a great way to pay for your propane orders over time. The company will have to run a typical credit check to determine if you qualify or not. If you do, it can help eliminate the need to come up with hundreds of dollars to pay for your fills all at once. Make sure to find out if this is an option for you or not.

By asking the questions above, you can make an informed decision about what company is in your best interest. It might take a little time and calling around, but you are sure to find one that is going to work for you in no time.

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