Repurposing Old Dumpsters: An Eco-Friendly Option For Sanitation Companies

Posted on: 15 September 2015

If you own or manage a sanitation company that rents roll-off dumpsters, you may be left with a collection of old metal dumpsters that you no longer use when you upgrade your inventory. Read on to learn a solution that may make you some money on your old dumpsters, while saving the environment from having them junked.

The Theory

Old metal dumpsters, both large and small, can be beautifully repurposed into swimming pools. Yes, swimming pools. You can sell your old dumpsters at a nominal price, instead of junking them, and families can purchase them for a cheap alternative to the conventional manner of constructing a pool.

Instead of just offering your dumpsters for sale, however, why not host an event where people can buy the dumpsters AND learn from an expert how to convert them to a swimming pool. Team up with your local home supply store or an area contractor, and offer a workshop at the point of sale for increased value.

Small "Mini" Dumpsters

If you're wondering how dumpsters can be converted to swimming pools, it's pretty simple. Small dumpsters between, say, five an eight feet, may not be ideal for swimming laps, but they make great soaking tubs. They don't even have to be set in the ground.

Imagine sitting outside in your yard on a hot summer night staring up a the stars. Pretty nice, right? They can also be made into in-ground pools for pets to cool off on blistering days.

To convert a small dumpster, the easiest method is to leave the outside as-is, other than giving it a good cleaning and disinfecting. The inside can be easily lined with beautiful blue tiles to give it more of a pool look. A ladder can be purchased from a pool supply company and either bolted or welded to the edge of the dumpster to assist with entry and exit.

Large Dumpsters

Large dumpsters take more space, time, and money to convert, but they give users more options. They can be employed for aqua exercise, swimming laps, or even be made into a pool spa, where a motorized current allows the user to swim in place, like a treadmill in the water.

To convert a large dumpster to a swimming pool, these are the basic steps:

  • Set the dumpster on a level surface.
  • Make cuts for any plumbing like hoses, pumps, and drains.
  • Coat with anti-corrosive paint.
  • Line the dumpster with foam insulation.
  • Cover the insulation with an above-ground pool liner from a pool supply business.
  • Add a pool ladder, as above.
  • Smooth out wrinkles in the liner as the pool fills with water.

While these dumpster-pools can be set in the ground, most people have found it's easiest to leave them above ground and construct a deck around them. This makes getting in and out easier, and it allows you to hide the plumbing and electrical parts. You can also add steps or interior benches for comfort.

Don't be stuck with an inventory of old dumpsters you don't need. Sell them to families who can enjoy them, and teach them how to convert them. Encourage them to use eco-friendly antimicrobial control in their pools too, and you'll have a big win-win-win for your business, the pool owners, and the environment.

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