3 Everyday Nuclear Shielding Tips

Posted on: 17 July 2015

Cancer is a serious threat in today's society, with new instances reported in about 450 per every 100,000 people each year. Since these numbers are on the rise, you need to protect yourself. There are everyday instances that expose you to radiation, so you'll need to employ some nuclear shielding techniques to lower your risks. If you want to empower yourself with the best nuclear shielding tips possible, follow the steps below. 

Limit Your Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Since cell phones use electromagnetic technology and more than 4 billion people in the world use cell phones, you are exposed to the potential of nuclear exposure on a regular basis. One of the best ways to greatly limit this exposure is to opt for a text message, rather than talking on the phone. You expose yourself to the potential for radiation any time you place the cell phone to your ear. Another way around this is to purchase a quality headset that allows you to talk on your phone without the radiation risk. Further, you should avoid the use of your cell phone when you have weak bars. The rationale behind this is that cell phone towers boost the signal to accommodate you in weak signal areas, which means you are also exposed to greater amounts of radiation. 

Use A Protective Laptop Desk

Your computer emits certain amounts of radiation as well, so you can control the exposure by changing the way you use it. One of the main ways this radiation can hurt you is by placing the computer on your lap. This has been shown to cause skin discoloration, as the direct result of nuclear exposure. Using a protective laptop desk or simply sitting your laptop at a desk and keeping your lap at a reasonable distance allows you to lower this exposure to radiation. 

Change Your Diet

Perhaps one of the best nuclear shielding strategies you can employ is focusing on your diet. For instance, Calcium keeps cancerous cells at bay and prevents them from developing, Zinc boosts your T-Cells, and melatonin has cancer prevention properties. Eating foods high in these nutrients or taking supplements will boost your body's ability to fight radiation. Eating barley, organic green vegetables, miso soup, and a host of other healthy foods will aid you in this objective. 

Follow this guide, so that you're able to prevent and protect your everyday exposure to nuclear radiation.