Two Fun Projects For Re-Using Aluminum Cans

Posted on: 28 June 2015

Aluminum is a popular metal that's widely used for consumer products and more. If you're looking for a way to recycle more aluminum, there are many options. Your local neighborhood may have a scrap metal recycling center that will pick up aluminum. Sometimes, they even pay for it. But, if you want to make something useful from your aluminum cans, here's a look at two fun projects you can consider this weekend.

Planting Containers

Large aluminum cans make a great planting container for small plants. The best part is that you can even transform the look of the can with a bit of creativity, so nobody will ever know that you've reused aluminum cans to create your garden.

Always wash the cans thoroughly, then let them dry before you get started. Remove any labels, and use a metal punch or knife to put holes in the bottom. This will allow water to drain from the soil. Tempura paints work well on aluminum cans, so use a variety of colors and paintbrushes to customize the look of the cans. Once the paint's dry, fill the cans with soil and seeds.

Put the cans in a sunny window to grow. The best part is, since the cans are small and easy to move, you can track the sun around your house if you need to in order to give them sufficient sunlight throughout the day. Just move the can to whichever window is getting sun as the day progresses.

Decorative Stars

You can create glittery, unique stars with aluminum cans. Start by drawing a star template on card stock or heavy poster paper. Then, cut the star out. The size of the template you draw will be the size of the final star you make.

Cut the top and bottom off an aluminum can with tin snips. Tape the star template to the can, wrapping it around as necessary. Trace it with a marker, then remove the paper. Use the tin snips to cut around the edges of the template, being careful of any sharp edges. Start at the tip and cut toward the center of the star for each cut, otherwise you might tear the aluminum.

Punch a hole in one of the star tips and run a string or thread through it so that you can hang it. Then, use markers or metallic spray to add a decorative touch to the metal.

With the tips presented here, you can turn your household aluminum waste into functional or decorative supplies.